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Hello everyone! :aww:

Yes I am still here.. lol. I'm not online very often anymore but I do log in occassionally to check my messages and view some art. My birthday has passed and im now 29! i feel so old. lol... I'm a bit dissapointed on DevArt, many of the models I used to use for my art no longer post photos, or they are not very active anymore. Lots of people getting married, having children and working all the time so there is not much time for art and stock photos I guess. lol I'm quite busy also. I feel like all i do is work...

So anyways, i hope you like the new artwork. Hopefully I can create again soon, although no promises or anything lol... i'll try searching new stocks soon. I am quite active on facebook so you can always message me there if your notes or comments do not seem to get answered. here is the link:… i don't know if it works, if not just search for my name and you should find me pretty easily I think. Hope you all had a great summer! take care! :heart:

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new artworks! ^.^

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 5, 2015, 10:43 PM

I am a bit more active as of recently. I've uploaded some works that I have been procrastinating to upload so finally they are here.

My absence from deviantArt is simply because.. I don't want to make excuses why I am not creating but things haven't been so well. I lost interest in my art. The supports and friends I worked with before, most of them no longer even speak with me. Many of my messages go unanswered or even viewed. Plus the ongoing drama and popularity contest at deviantArt made me take the break haha.. but as you all know I am still an artist, I have been drawing and doing art since I was very young.. Art comes from the heart, feelings and expressions.. it has more than just words to describe. I will always love creating art if I am posting to deviantArt or not... if I make friends along the way, that's wonderful but I just want to create art and be happy. :heart:

I hope you all like the new works I've uploaded. Please leave me some comments and suggestions. I want to hear your ideas, help give me some thoughts and ideas for a new work? :aww:


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Who reads this?!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 28, 2014, 10:19 PM

I had enough points for a one month premium membership! Trying out an old CSS for the journal.. the font looks a bit hard to read but i'll try it out anyways..

I'm current working on new works so stay tuned :aww:


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i'm back again..

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 22, 2013, 11:08 AM

Hey everyone! :aww:

I have photoshop installed on my computer now and I've been doing a few little edits here and there. I can't promise I'll be very active but I am around to check artworks and comments and stuff like that. I am uploading most of my works on Facebook because that is where most of my close friends and fans are now. I am not on dA much anymore. Most of the friends, fans and support here is gone. There was many people I talked to and discussed ideas with for upcomming works and collabs but everyone has moved on, too busy or just lost contact. I had many artists on my MSN and my friend list basically became empty. Since Skype took over that, I decided to just remove it completely. :(

I've been working on small little project, starting my own gaming team and website for MechCommander Gold. I've formed a site for Clan Wolf, hopefully to interest players in joining me to play a few games here and there or on weekends. As of lately though, I've grown quite tired of the behaviours of the 25+yr olds who act like 12yr olds who I play with. Lately I've been playing MechWarrior4 Mercs with the MekTek patches installed and the crew there is much more pleasant to be around. Here is my website if anyone is interested to check it out: :aww:

I was thinking to create another site, strictly for displaying my art as a much more professional and presentable look. I consider devArt more like a personal blog than anything. I am still open for collabs again but working on a new site for my art will give me something to do if I'm not creating or doing anything else interesting. Anyways, I think that's all I need to say. I hope you like the artwork. I'll be uploading a new one soon! Also thanks to you all still supporting me, leaving faves and comments. It really means a lot. :heart:



I recently reformatted my PC due to a virus, my games were being glichy and slow even in offline play and everything was starting to really freeze up. So, I figured the best way to fix the problem was to clear everything well, since then the sound wasn't working and I had a very hard time trying to download the proper sound drivers. I had to download windows service pack 1 and 2. Now when I am trying to download and install certain programs and games and even photoshop cs6 it requires windows service pack 3. So I've tried downloading that, directly from the Microsoft website. I tried getting it from a friend. It seems it is not longer supported. I made sure I was downloading it for windows 32 bit and when every time I try to install the service pack it give me an error saying: Not a compatible win32 program. So I can't get photoshop installed. I don't know what to do. I'm just about to give up but I still really do miss doing my art. Can anyone help me? Any ideas? All help would be greatly appreciated, thanks again. :heart:


I guess the job didn't go as well as I had hoped, perhaps I was a bit too slow. I couldn't seem to get used to things. It was a really big place and I was a bit nervous. I was called in early, I wasn't sure why and when I got there they gave me the news that they had to let me go. :( If anything bad happens, it usually happens to me.. when will my bad luck end!? Hopefully I will find something new again. FML! :cries:

On a more happy note, I did get time to finish a new work tonight! I hope you all like it. I was trying to release some stress, I guess creating a new work did help a little. :heart:

a thousand years by WCS-Wildcat
oooooooh yeahh! :w00t:

The interview went very well. After a couple days I had to go back and go for orientation and I had to bring banking information and stuff so they can pay me and I signed a bunch of papers and they also gave me work shirt, They are long-sleeved blank shirts with the work logo on it. I start tomorrow which is Monday! I'm pretty excited and I'm hoping everything goes well, maybe eventually move closer to work because it's a long drive. It like 1 hour to drive to work! Thanks for all the good lucks and support everyone! :tighthug:
hello! :aww:

I have a job interview today! I'm very excited and a little bit nervous, wish me luck! :heart:
Hello everyone! :aww:

Finally my inbox is clear of messages and the massive amounts of artworks I had to go through! They had built up over the past couple years. It starts to turn into a job sometimes when I get overwhelmed.. I like to sit and enjoy the artworks. I don't really have time to click and open every single artwork but I do fave, comment and view the ones really love. I hope everyone enjoyed their inbox being spammed with favourites from me lol. :heart:

I really am trying to get back into my art though. I want to start creating more and being more active with my art and the community. I am always open to collabs, just note me! Also I am trying to keep in contact with old art friends who I've known since I started on dA, which also often seems like a job because everyone is so busy and not always easy to get in contact with. Anyways I had nice night tonight, and it's becomming the wee hours of the morning and I think it's time for me to rest finally! I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to see lots of comments and notes from everyone soon! haha...yeah right, as if I'm THAT popular :lmao:

hello my little darklings, :aww:

Finally I am happy to announce that I finally have the new photoshop CS6 installed and everything is working great! Although I notice it didn't come with the lighting effects like cs2, which I was able to work around by downloading a seperate patch to be able to use it again.

I've had some bad luck in 2012, I was laid off from my previous job and they sent me a letter in the mail saying they weren't going to call back. So I realised I had to find something else and I found a job in the summer working at my brother's place.. and November 1st they let me go because of some certain reasons, I'm not sure. My brother worked in the management and I worked in the assembly area. My brother suspended this supervisor and then some months later, my brother left the factory for a better, higher paying job. Once my brother left his work that same supervisor who he had suspended, terminated my position there. I was just a week and a half or so before getting into the worker's union to keep my job. It's kind of a long story but all in all, it was a totally shit and unfair situation. Now I am looking for new work again. These factories just use and abuse hard working people. It's nothing new here. :cry:

So, I found out that the government pays for apprenticeship and schooling to get better jobs and careers. I went to this office after my termination and I asked about getting funding for Graphic Design. No such luck again! It is said that because I was fired instead of being laid off that they cannot allow funding for schooling. Instead they may be able to put me through for some kind of apprenticeship for welding, maintenance, plumbing or electrical work which I was interested in but I haven't heard from this place in months. I don't think they are much help either. So right now, I am just keeping my eyes and ears open for job openings and hopefully something comes up soon. If I end up getting laid off again, I am definately going for that graphic design. In the mean time. I'd really like to save up and buy a new car or a down payment on a house of my own. :heart:

Other than that I guess everything is going pretty well. My family and friends are doing well. Now that I have ps working, I'll be able to teach my friends some things again and maybe get into doing collaborations too! I'm pretty excited to be able to do my art again. I've been looking up stocks and new ideas and I'll be updating my page again very soon! Thank you all for reading this and putting up with me for so long. lol :giggle:

-Scott :blackrose:
well i have photoshop cs2, can't seem to get it functioning.. the keycode im using is outdated or something.. anyone know where to get a cd crack or keygen without the viruses? lol

I recently bought a cheap used comp from a friend so my comp is still slow however I do have high speed internet now and a dvd rom drive.. maybe someone could point me in a better direction to link me to a newer version of ps and or send me a copy in the mail hehe :aww:

I just want to thank everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday on my 26th! thanks everyone so very much :tighthug: :heart:

Finally i have high-speed internet!!!!!!! yay! -yeah it's about time lol

Now I am hoping to get into my art again, full swing. I'll be able to download stuff very quickly and browse pictures and do things without much problems. Well I'm kinda having a hard time setting up on the computer I'm using cos it kept restarting constantly.. I'm using a 10yr old comp with winXP but it still works hehe :giggle: Some programs are a bit sluggish but I'll manage.. I managed with dial up all these years I'm sure i'll do ok with high-speed lol

I noticed since my absence that I'm not getting the pageviews, comments or favs like I was. I create new works with my hardest efforts but I'm not getting the same attention as I was, maybe it's because I've been really inactive or people have grown out of my style of art, I don't know.. but I think now that I have high-speed it will be much easier and hassle free uploading and downloading stuff and finding inspiration again and expanding myself to new styles of art and media, so I'm very excited... feels like I've joined dA all over again. :aww:

Thanks for all the kind support! :heart:

just me again..

lately, I've become kinda depressed and a bit sad, I'm not really complaining, just venting a bit. Some friends of mine are not whom they seemed to be like years ago and I guess people change and sometimes you have to leave certain people to better yourself. I'm not going to stand to be used or treated like crap anymore. I've grown out of the high-school drama class shit and head games people try to put me through. I seemed to have lost friends and lost contact with many people these last couple years whom I thought were close friends or cared but I guess in the end, didn't. I sometimes wish I could rewind time but then again, I would just be in the same mess as I was before, so thank god that's over with.

my job is not going as well as I had hoped. I am laid off again these last two weeks, hoping for a call back soon. I would like to save some money again. Also I am hoping to maybe meet someone new and find love again. I'm getting a bit older now and I really would like to find someone and settle down and maybe start a family but I don't know... someday maybe. I should try going to college for photography or graphic design maybe and see how that goes... I'm not sure.
hey everyone! :wave: :heart:

I just wanted to announce that I finished my first ever 2 piece artwork. I've seen other artist's create works like these where it is 2 works but 2 different backgrounds and models to convey the same scenery but also two different poses and emotions within in the work. So, I decided and planned it out that I would try this as well and I think I did a pretty good job, I'm pleased how it turned out. I know I'm not the greatest artist ever but I try my best and really that all i can do! hehe These particular works were quite complicated. I changed the bottom of the dress on the one girl and I also painted her hair so it looks like she's looking away. In the original picture she is looking at the camera. In the second picture the hair was also very difficult to work with a bit and I was having a lot of problems trying to change her dress from white to red! Finally this is how it turned out, not bad considering the amount of flaws that were occuring in the proccess. hehe Well I hope you all like. I posted each of the works seperately but the final artwork is here:

silver and cold by WCS-Wildcat

silver and cold

Thank you all for your comments, favs and kind support. It is always very much appriciated! I will be continuing to work on a new artwork again very soon. :blackrose:

hey everyone! :wave:

I'm just updating a little to say I have been busy creating some new works. I am currently searching new stocks and will be working on a new artwork very soon! I am also open to collabs too. I will soon be collaborating with :devlittlebabybutterfly, my good friend Ashlee again: I have been very active last year or so and I am trying hard to keep into my art and keep active. I hope you like my new works enjoy! :blackrose:

lost without you by WCS-Wildcatkey to my soul by WCS-Wildcat
I really miss creating my art. Not sure where my inspiration went but i just recently started having some creative ideas come to mind.. I finally finished a new work which I'm very pleased about and I should be starting my next one very soon!

So my work sent me a letter in the mail recently and said unfortunately they have no room to call me back so my position is being terminated. I guess I will have to find a new job or try to apply at a college or something now. I would really like to go to college and do something constructive with my life, be creating artworks or webpages, doing designs and stuff I love rather than working in these pathetic, minimum wage factory jobs. I would love to save some money and go travelling again! maybe somewhere tropic? :aww:.. I would also seriously love to visit England or Germany.

I've been busy and pre-occupied with other stuff these last couple years. I would be really happy if I could get back steadily into my art again but I think I need to get faster internet and soon my own comp maybe too. I hope all of you are doing well. I missed everyone very much at dA. I am really trying to keep going with my art but I'm really inactive anymore and im very sorry. I am doing the best I can do and with each artwork I find I am learning more and more. I would like to just thank you all for the guidance, help and support for all these years on dA, viewing my art and reading my journals and giving me all the advice I need to become a better person and artist. I've had the honor to speak with some amazing artists and people who have truely affected me and who have been completely amazing and even if I don't know them face to face I would call them a true friend :heart:

Hey everyone :wave:

I was staying at a friend's place and she has free wifi internet, interesting to say that it doesn't work so well for her computer but it works fine on my xbox for live. I am at home now for a day or so but probably will return to her place within the next couple days. We are purchasing episodes of Jersey Shore on the xbox. She likes the show, there is a lot of bs and drama crap on the show, but it is actually getting interesting. Anyways I have Xbox live! It will expire soon but i think I will add more time to the membership because i love it. I am really addicted to Transformers: War for Cybertron. There is quite a few different modes and games to play and also customizeable characters. I am a little addicted to the Escalation mode, where you play co-operative with teammates against waves of computer AI robots, which increasingly becomes more, faster and bigger robots to destroy. You destroy robots and gain points to open doors and purchase guns, health and ammo. Once you get get killed you have a short time before a teammate and run over and revive you quickly before you're completely dead for the rest of the wave. A lot of the time now I refuse to go revive people because they get killed in the most stupid spots and get surrounded by enemies and going to save them is pretty much suicide anyways. In this way I've become a more experienced player, not having to rely on reviving teammates or having them help revive me.

Anyways, I was in the middle of moving the xbox the otherday and my disk was in the console and I guess it must have been still running, the console was tilted a little and when I popped the disk out there was a complete ring of scratch on it. I'm guessing since it was still on, that made the disk spin and scratch up against whatever it was tilted on inside the machine. I never had this problem before until now! I tried everyway to clean the disk but it won't read and i keep getting disk error messages. I think I will simply buy the game again. A lot of the new popular games are like $60 but lucky this one was only $30.. which is reasonable I guess. So anyways no transformers til i get a new disk.

My name on xbox live is CB KingBee if anyone wants to add me as a friend and I would love to play with anyone on here who has Transformers WFC. =D

I am pretty much a robot fanatic! I'm completely obsessed over robots lol. I am very big fan of the Mech series. I own MECH COMMANDER, MECH COMMANDER GOLD, MECH COMMANDER 2, MECHWARRIOR 2, MECH WARRIOR 3, MECHW3: PIRATES MOON, MECHWARRIOR VENGEANCE, MECH WARRIOR 4 MERCENARIES. I also own MECH ASSAULT and MECH ASSAULT2. I don't have an xbox harddrive to play the original xbox games on so I can't play mechassault online. I tried this disk my friend made for xbox updates to play original xbox games but it doesn't work! I have to buy an xbox harddrive from the store i think which will cost $175 and I can't afford extra little stuff right now, so that will have to wait. Also I am just visiting my friend for the month or so, I can't get xbox live at home so I don't know how long I will be on live for. :( I also found on a website which you can download old super nintendo games, i found 2 different MechWarrior games but they are not very exciting to play lol. I own all the transformer xbox games based on the movies plus War for cybertron which is not based on the movies and it is by far sooo much better than the others.

I kinda feel like a kid again playing transformers. I am pretty new to this because Transformers was before my time. I was born 1986...all the 80's cartoon shows started to die. I was really into batman, especially the 1989 movie with batman and the joker. All these years go by and now they are bringing back a lot of the old cartoons and movies and remaking them. I like the transformer game I play because it seems more like the cartoons and the robots i think look much better than they do in the movies they made. I've been playing Mech Commander Gold online for 10 years now and its pretty much dead, only 4 active players a night.. Transformers really reminds me of my MCG days and it's like something new and fun again, less arguing and drama too. I'm happy when I play, not stressed out and angry. There was a couple games in Transformers where people on the mics would be rude and insulting but not near as bad as what I've dealt with in MCG.

There is somethings in this xbox live play I don't like. It will automatically set you up to a game wheither it is just starting or almost finished. Often times I get set up in games where there is only 1 or 2 other people starting the game and I like a 2v2 or 3v3 at best ya know. You sometimes get set up in games with people you don't like, people whining on their microphones or kids who leave their mics on and you can hear people or their siblings playing piano or something distracting in the background.. I really hate that. Some set ups even the host can pick the map or a good map to play you get set up with a bad map and not many people. With MCG on the computer I was always able to decide what game to play in if it had a few people or lots. The host ALWAYS gets to choose a map and usually other players decide which they want to play. You don't have to listen to in game voice like on xbox, however you can't mute people in-game chat and they can be very rude and insulting, but that's something I've learned to deal with and it doesn't bother me so much. So I definately think there's room for improvement for online play but it is fun.

I found on youtube which is also available through xbox live there there is a new transformer game which is the sequal to this game i play its called FALL OF CYBERTRON and it's release is fall of this year 2012, it looks amazinggggg. The Darkness2 comes out febuary next month which I'm kinda excited for too. I would also be really excited for a new HALO game, i played and beat HALO1 HALO2, and HALO3.. also beat HALO WARS which wasnt a very good game. I haven't played REACH or ODST but they look interesting, I was reading a magazine a bit in a store they are working on HALO4 i think, they showed some really cool graphic pics of the Master Chief. :w00t!:

I'm thinking maybe I should start a gamer's blog? :giggle:

Well that's all I have to say about my little bit of gaming. As for my art I'm pretty inactive right now. I haven't been home much and I've been busy. My friend's internet bairly works, its off and on and when it does work, it's only for like 15mins or so. Her version of Photoshop is not working right now either so I haven't been doing any digital works lately. I was browsing some stocks tonight and didn't find anything. However I did a little fun twilight sketch thing for my friend and did a little cartoony style sketch of Bella, Edward and Jacob for Ashlee :aww: I think I did OK on them.. the Jacob sketch isn't so good though, I'd like to do a different one. Anyways she has them at her house and I forgot to bring them home to scan them cos I wanted to upload them here on DevArt for fun. I have quite a few twilight fans watching me. hehe. I like the twilight movies so I guess I am a fan, I never read the books. I'm just not a huge fan of it. I was more into the Underworld movie vampires and wearwolves because to me they seemed more realistic. Also those movies had more blood and violence which was more entertaining to me than the cheesy romantic drama in twilight. Sorry to say but that's just my little opinion. I still like twilight.

This was a super long journal, I felt like saying a lot of stuff. There's not much happening in my life right now. I am hoping to get called back to work soon because I could use the money. I hope everyone is doing well! Since I am home now I will try to create some art but I can't promise anything, I am inactive these days now and not so inspired to create. I think to be honest as a photomanipulation artist, all kinds of photo manips have already been done, everything is starting to look the same. I always see the same kinda of things, a girl with a crow or cat or butterflies.. standing by a cross or ocean or in a field or sitting in snow and playing violin or whatever...they are beautiful but I feel it's becomming all the same. I think I'd like to try something new again, maybe paint or do digital painting or maybe upload a couple drawings for a change. So, I don't know when I will be uploading another artwork.. I'm scanning through stocks, not finding much I like right now.. I'm not really feeling the photomanipulation vibe right now. I'd like to collab with a friend again but everyone seems so busy anymore and so am I, so I guess that's how things are. I never want to give up my art though.

I'm not sure how to end this journal. I am just kinda thinking deeply about stuff. I appriciate my fans so much, I appriciate their comments and favs and I appriciate when they use my brushes and resources. If I could I would e-mail everyone a little e-mail greeting card or send them an artwork but I can't. I'm kinda sad because I can't show my fans, supporters and friends how much they mean to me. I can just create my art for them and hope they will like what I create. I always try to impress everyone but it's impossible. I do the best I can and that's all I can do. So I want to say to all my fans and friends reading this journal, Thank you so much for reading this and supporting me. Thank you so much for reading all my ramblings, complaining and for putting up with me all this time. It really means a lot. I see and notice my life is not as rough or as bad as some other unfortunate people and for this I am thankful and really grateful to be me and have the things I do. Thanks everyone for all the support and comments and favs and just everything!

I just want to say as a final note if anyone wants to speak to me on msn messanger or e-mail me my addy is I also have ICQ somewhere I think and if anyone wanted to play Mechcommander or transformers with me online that would be soooo awesome or even msn checkers is kinda fun too, I'm down with that lol. I'm also interested to work on art collaborations with other photomanipulators and digital artists. Please send me e-mails or notes if you have any questions or suggestions about my art, what you would like me to create or something you'd like to see me try with my art, I need some inspiration so if you have ideas please feel free to suggest me something interested I could try drawing or photomanipulating. I want to try something new and different!

Thanks everyone again so much for reading this and supporting me. It means a lot. feel free to note me and again my xbox live name is CB KingBee, add me as your friend if you have XBOX LIVEE! I won't be online now but soon but hopefully soon again once I visit my friend again within the next couple days or soon.

PS. i have an important question about photoshop... where to find a keycode for a certain version of Photoshop if I have a trail version downloaded? My computer doesn't have a DVD drive so I can't install certain disks.. I think most program disks are DVD-R now.

-Scotty :blackrose:
Merry Christmas and happy new year, best of wishes and luck in 2012! :tighthug: :kiss: hehehe

I just updated my internet explorer browser for devArt. I was getting some error at the top of my menu saying to update to browse dA... hopefully less buggy and irratating problems.. seems my foggy bottom of my journal is gone now and thing seem a little better but who knows. dA admins keep updating all the time and the more they update the more problems i have here! so whooo knows! dA has changed so much since I've started, I liked it a lot better before all these updated versions but I can't do nothing about it. I'm here simply to create and enjoy art, not so much for deviantArt's excessive updates and crap x.x Ok IM DONE COMPLAINING! lol sorry for my absesnce... i have really crappy dial up internet and my computer is getting kinda old and slower too so I am doing the best I can. sorry very much that I've not really been around. I know I am a little more absent these days but I don't want to stop creating my art. Even if I didn't have deviantArt, I would still want to keep creating art because it is something I truely love. It is my hobby, it relaxes me, it keeps me busy and it helps keeps my mind away from stress and daily drama and just bad things. I love art for what it is. It's very soothing to sit and create something new each time. I know some new works don't get so much faves or comments, each work is different and I can't always be perfect but I love and appriciate each and every fave and comment I get and to see that people still visit my page and adore my art a little. :heart:

So good news. I bought a car, it should be all fixed and ready to drive within a few days or so now! I'm really excited!! Once I have a little more money I think I'm going to buy a computer I spotted.. only $400, 1 tera byte hard drive, windows 7.. thin flat screen monitor.. seems pretty good and the price is right. I need something a little better to create my art with. lots of programs come on DVD rom, this computer doesn't have one so that is definately something I will find useful. Also it will be great for newer, high graphic video games since I am stuck playing games from like 1990 to like 2004 or so.. lol Mech Commander Gold and Yuri's revenge hehe, they will always be my all time favs. Soon if I were to get a new computer and updated photoshop would definately help too! :aww:

I love and miss everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! PS. seems like no more problems with my journal. I'm pretty happy =D

Hey everyone! :aww:

I don't think I can post the thumbnails anymore since i am not subscribed but I will link them here for you to check out. I did 2 new artworks last night! They actually didn't take very long. Both are dedicated to a very special friend that I've known since the beginning of highschool, he's also on devArt Matt Piskun piskunony The first artwork is called surrender. This artwork is dedicated to him for the passing of his sister Liz who has died of cancer. :blackrose: I promised I would make him an artwork and the second artwork, bye bye beautiful is for his birthday which just passed Oct29th, sorry I'm a bit late with it. However I got some inspiration back and I was really happy how these both turned out :aww:

Thank you all for your kind support! :tighthug: Also my old e-mail is active again. A cousin of mine helped me sort the problem out and I am able to read e-mails and use msn with it. It's

surrender -

surrender by WCS-Wildcat
bye bye beautiful - 

bye bye beautiful by WCS-Wildcat

There is a problem with my journal, there is a faded section where it says the mood and what im listening to.. something is messed up does anyone see this and how do i fix it?